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Available in 56" CA, 60" CA or 84" CA


Our goal is to provide you with the ultimate product for your success

  • Our mission

    To provide our customers with valued solutions using our expertise in the design, manufacture and installation of aluminum and steel truck beds

  • Our vision

    To focus on our customers' needs with integrity and fairness.

  • Our values

    To encourage innovation to meet today's and tomorrow's challenges and to foster an environment of openness and committment in all we do


Available with Single Pivot Fifth Wheel or Gooseball

Anti-Sail Mud Flaps

Dual 7-Way Sockets

Optional Toolboxes

Printable Flyer

Hot Shot Transporter

Hot Shot Transporter
Hot Shot Transporter Dimensions

Available in 56" CA - Approx Wt. 730
60" CA - Approx Wt. 750
84" CA - Approx Wt. 770