Toolboxes - Alumi-Steel Bed

Need storage space? No problem. Our toolboxes give you the sleek look that your truck deserves.

With over 10 feet of cubic storage, we give you the capacity you need to complete your job.

We’ve added an extra flange on our toolbox to aid in dissipating water and provide a guard for our neoprene gasket.

The Best Security Latches
for your Valueable Equipment

Lockable Toolboxes

Keeps your equipment and tools dry and rust-free!

  • Attention
    to DETAIL

    Why would you want anything less? This is your work, your tools, your equipment. Have you ever finished a job in the rain and had soaked straps? Each toolbox comes with cut-to-fit Dri-Dek® tiles which provide a protective liner to allow for drying.

  • Built to

    Our tool boxes offer secure, organized access to your expensive tools and everyday gear. Precision crafted out of heavy-duty aluminum, these boxes are tough. Throw stuff at them, in them, beat them up and do it all over again.

  • DRY DEK®

    Dri-Dek® Liners cushions equipment and when it gets wet, the raised flow-through surface lets air flow for fast drying. It stands up to oils, grease, alkalies and solvents. It supports the weight in any climate without cracking or buckling.