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Available in 56" CA, 60" CA or 84" CA

Steel Superior Truck Bed

You will never sacrifice quality when it comes to our truck beds

  • EXCEPTIONALLY Engineered

    This one is all about performance and payload! All the features you want in one bed.


    We put the meat where the guts have to be for optimal strength.


    4 top of the line aerodynamically engineered toolboxes with with Dri-Dek® Liners

All Steel Superior Truck Bed

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Side View 56” CA -Take off Bed
Approximate Weight: 1,520 lbs

Side View 60” CA
Approximate Weight: 1,600 lbs

Side View 84” CA
Approximate Weight: 1,750 lbs

Top View Dimensions - 56" Take Off & 60" CA

Top View Dimensions - 60" CA

Top View Dimensions - 84" CA

Why choose us?

Quality Engineered

Not only do we offer quality truck beds, but superior quality at competitive prices. Our aim to always provide excellent customer service.

These truck beds and service bodies present just a sample of our capabilities, options, and accessories. When you’ve had an opportunity to think about the body you want, call our knowledgeable sales team, or visit for an in-person consultation. We’ll provide you with an itemized quote detailing your needs and producing a product that will be effecient, durable and long lasting.