We build

the STRONGEST and most RELIABLE truck beds

HIGHEST quality and BEST value in the Truck Bed Industry

We take great pride in our industry-leading bed designs. Our reputation for hard work, quality, honesty, and integrity is a vital component and driving force behind our success. We combine old-school craftsmanship with the latest in modern technology to create our elite and exceptional line of truck beds.

SLEEK and SUPERIOR designs that demand to be NOTICED

Today's trucks are a HUGE investment. Why would you lessen the value of your new truck with a cheap bed? Our beds are manufactured to enhance the overall appearance and exceed your truck's hauling and towing specifications. Whether at work or at play, our beds look great and stand out in any environment which is why Carolina Custom Products must be your top choice when it comes to selecting your next truck bed.

Dollar for dollar, we ARE the BEST!

To prove this statement, we challenge any truck bed manufacturer to bring their bed to our testing grounds where we'll put it through the same rigorous tests we demand of our own beds. We don't just say we are the best, we're willing to PROVE IT!