Aerodynamic Headache Rack

Designed using state-of-the-art technology and with our customers in mind, this product is engineered with a tapered design that matches the same contour as the truck cab. This feature provides the custom look that demands attention.

The design incorporates a bolt-on style headache rack that utilizes grade 8 stainless bolts and provides flexibility, strength, and durability like no other in the industry. With the incorporated LED lights, the headache rack provides the lighting needed to establish a new standard for truck beds.

When comparing our headache racks to the rest of the industry, NO ONE exceeds our expectations. When the unexpected happens, the strength of our headache rack will stand the punishment, but if for some reason it needs to be changed, a bolt-on replacement is only a phone call away.

In Action

In the unfortunate event you jack your truck around into your trailer and damage your headache rack, we have designed our headache rack to bolt on which makes replacement easy.

Our competitors don't do this...they are wrapped up in saving money.

We put the extra effort in doing things right.

Aerodynamic Headache Rack

Our custom look demands attention!


    Easy and quick to replace. Everyone welds their racks on..we take the extra step and bolt ours on - easy to replace.


    Our top engineers have designed our headache racks to have a sleek, sturdy design.


    Highest quality materials go into each and every truck bed we make.